15 Trends Digital Marketing Strategy 2018

15 Digital Marketing Trend 2018 the digital marketing world continues to evolve as an example of Augmented Reality, Predictive interfaces, voice search and Video, why did it happen? Because as long as technology continues, in digital Marketing will also go smoothly so it could be growing rapidly.

For those of you who are engaged in e-commerce or doing business on the internet, it is very crucial to know the trend or development of anything that happened related to your current business, especially for the time to come.

This is why we create a comprehensive discussion which specifically so that you can anticipate and review its marketing strategies that you do, whether appropriate or no longer correspond to the development.

What is the hell actually an example of digital marketing? Certainly includes things like websites, social media, YouTube, and advertisements on search engines such a Google. You can find out more coverage of digital marketing by knowing what the difference with the traditional classified marketing and Digital marketing.

Trends Digital Marketing Strategy 2018

Trends Digital Marketing Strategy 2018

The difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Basically, both are equally meaningless marketing. Marketing or commonly referred to as marketing itself means a series of processes that are underway to introduce products to the wider community in many ways. The objective of this marketing activity is to make these products so much sought after by many people.

So, this is actually a widespread marketing sense, not only limited to the time of the introduction of the activity itself, but also with regard to what strategy to use, as well as how to give satisfaction to the consumer.

Then what’s the difference between digital marketing with the usual marketing done before? Here, I’ll split the difference on the basis of three categories.

Target Marketing

In General, communities in different countries currently most are still more familiar with traditional marketing when manufacturers market their products. What is the example seen every day? Advertising in major media sort of television and radio.

In addition, they are also accustomed to reading an ad in a magazine or newspaper. Maybe we often find the Billboard on the highway, billboards mounted everywhere in order to be seen by people passing in the street while driving or traveling.

On the other hand, using digital marketing, you not only can target local communities residing in one area only but also of reaching people nationally and internationally.

This is because You can take advantage of the wider channels, namely the internet. People, wherever they are, can only use the internet even I feel nowadays everyone has a smartphone to access the internet such as the prize has become part of many people’s daily needs of the people seeking information and through online shopping.

Cost and time

Expenses for marketing that is done can be said traditionally more expensive when compared to digital marketing. Why is this so? Just try it You estimate how much money or advertising costs you have to remove in order to market your products or services on television, radio, or newspapers and magazines.

They put up the price of which is certainly not cheap, in addition, you have to bear the costs of the production of the advertisement that is not cheap anyway. Anyway, the process to be bypassed to market the traditional way takes quite a long time.

On the other hand, on the digital marketing process can progress faster and more efficient spending. You as a businessperson can also adjust the cost and scale of your business in real-time. So, digital marketing costs related to its more flexible and display relevant ads.


When viewed from the aspects of the communication that happens in traditional marketing, the interactions that happen one-way direction. For example, if you as a manufacturer advertise on national television. Then the audience who watched the ad impressions you can not give the response directly to you as the manufacturer.

Same is the case with an ad on the radio as well as print media such as newspapers and magazines. The listeners or readers also cannot interact directly with the manufacturer.

So what happens? As if you are introduced to sell products or services for granted and waiting in hopes people will like and buy it. Then it is less clear how the response of the market or the sales predictions.

On the other hand, digital marketing it can be two-way. Digital marketing actually include an effective strategy to lure consumers and saw possibilities for sure if they are interested in the products and services you have to offer because it is currently the largest and service providers such as Google AdWords is capable of targeting advertising your product or service with more relevant to audiences by using the keyword you are targeting on its own in accordance with your product.

The Advantages Of Digital Marketing

One of the advantages of using digital marketing is a related evaluation result. Why? That is because the result much more easily measured when compared to regular marketing traditionally because with digital marketing data that is given to the advertisers will appear in real time and easy to control.

And then, what else? In addition, there is a relation to reach. A digital campaign could reach the infinite community of various groups, especially the question of location. So, when you as a division of the marketing of a company wants to do a campaign focus toward coverage locally,

you can also expand opportunities by conducting a campaign on the internet to the whole world if You want it or if it is still appropriate to the content of your marketing and your business be prepared who have been able to reach international markets.

In addition, if you want to target a more community focused, the desire can be realized easily. Why? Due to the specific consumer target which is determined who are already in systems. Determination of the target to the consumer can be done without having to do a face-to-face survey take time, effort and cost.

What is the classification? There are a lot of very specific categorization that is based on demographics, gender, location, age, and the field of interest or the interest of the users.

Digital marketing is also the means by which the truth is, it’s very interactive nature to reach out to the public because utilizing means socially active. There are many direct contacts that can occur between the target consumers and businesses.

This means your business can get immediate feedback from consumers which is very valuable to be able to advance or improve your business and services.

If you already know what are the advantages of marketing that do digitally, this is the right time to know the trend or development of anything that is in the year 2018 so you can anticipate and then grow your business.

create a comprehensive digital marketing

create a comprehensive digital marketing

Here are the 15 digital marketing trends changed in the year 2018

We will start the explanation based on the sequence of how influential the trend that existed on a global scale. Find out more to see what has changed in the world of digital marketing in the year 2018.

1. Augmented Reality (AR) is integrated with Social Media

Because our mobile devices become more sophisticated and social networking applications better its integration with AR, various brand or manufacturer will use them to be more involved with the consumer or to the target community. For example, using the location where target consumers are, brand or company that could make the AR content sponsored, which can only be accessed in that place, at that time only.

Pokemon Go was a pioneer in this trend-related, and there is the possibility of social media like Instagram and Facebook will soon be integrating this technology into the trains.

2. The Reduced Market influencer

Brand-a brand or company indeed poured millions of Dollars into various influencers lately, but in general, they do not measure or not seeing the results they can get from other marketing line is actually more effective. The influencer in the intent here is that famous people are good at social media as well as in the areas of its expertise globally such athletes and artists.

According to Forbes, these influencer in the market prediction will be reduced because of only a few of this type of marketing that delivers results.

Markets will switch to a more organic promotion because consumers act smarter, not impulsive. For example, when a user sees the use of social media products on the show on photos uploaded artists account, that user is not directly interested in the product.

This suggests the market has now more discerning in their shopping. Google already applies marketing techniques like this in his search.

3. The importance of User Experience

Looking for customers or do marketing with data is indeed a good thing or good, but what about existing data this can be applied to the user experience becomes objective digital marketing success in the year 2018.

So, try to strive for first data you obtained in the original to a prospective client or new users to generate innovations that other related products or services to you. Try also learn lines or any process in arriving at the buyer before transacting with you.

4. Advertising should be more On target with a special purpose

People now have the attention span or focus is very minimal. Why? Because they feel too much like an ad to appear and with so many advertisements each day in circulation.

In my opinion, you should be more focused on targeting your ads. With Digital marketing, this becomes an easy thing if you are more observant look at your market.

Try targeting a very specific conversion goal, whether it’s experienced on mobile devices as well as desktop. We also think that the advertising platform on mobile devices will show growth very rapidly in the year 2018 because I’ve seen the survey results on Google data about the increase in users of mobile devices in the appeal of the computer.

5. Live Video on Social Media

The video will continue to be the trend in the year 2018 and yet not just video, video live especially. Each social media platform lately developed features live video and adding new features every month to their platform.

Live video is a great way to connect with your community. try utilizing a variety of social media from your brand to use features that are this trend.

6. Conversation User Interface

The conversation, like Alexa, Amazon, Google, Microsoft Cortana’s Assistant, and other chatbots, will continue to exist in the routine and the everyday life of their consumers. This is why you find virtual assistants also marketed by producers around you.

Conversational interface for users of this very natural nature and could allow the brand to interact more closely with consumers. Why consumers love it? Because they want information, or a guide to Transact more easily understood at once are entertaining.

7. Video Marketing

The video became the most popular form of digital content and the most influential to the world of business today. If done correctly, this video via marketing can have a positive impact on your business. Along with the decline in the consumer’s attention against the dull content, marketers rely heavily on the creation of video content to improve their ranking in search engines, increase customer engagement and increase branded traffic and they will certainly have an impact on their sales.

8. The Campaign in Personalization

Starting from email marketing, digital, advertising to customers would appreciate and trust the campaigns in personalization. Notice how you can personalize Your campaigns against.

Basically, the best way is by positioning Your customers or target consumer as close friends. the effect of personalization is certainly remarkable, there will be an increase in the involvement of customers here or commonly called customer engagement so your customers more loyal and market Your products or services back to the relationship or their relatives.

9. Contextual Targeting Strategy

In the context of the General Data Protection Regulations or commonly called GDPR, indeed we cannot expect much-reserved trace the behavior of the customers as well as potential buyers.

It happened, it would be more complicated for advertising technology vendors to track the behavior of internet users with cookies.

Audience targeting strategy will be increasingly replaced by contextual targeting strategy. Then compulsory for advertisers to understand the context of their respective pages, aimed at targeting securely.

10. Experiment and analysis of Metrics to measure results

As a digital marketer, you must continue to approach the ROI. So you need to do the identification of all the old metrics, metrics such as old CPC impressions, cost per click, CPL prospects and even the CPP pixels. With too many channels and even other match tools to consider, marketers have to run experiments to effectively and regularly for the sake of doing in favor of measuring results.

11. Create authentic Advertising

For those of you who want to increase your market reach, the relevance of Your brand and customer engagement or users as a whole will be very influential when there is in the implementation of the ads.

These authentic ads could be digital marketing strategies and the Modern market has now given away his intelligence in developing behave. Get involved with your audience by using their native language if necessary regional language, not the language of international or foreign that is already public or take advantage of other aspects to expand your marketing chances of success already a particular focus with targeted for the sake of the success of your digital marketing strategy.

12. various new types of content marketing

With a new format that is growing every day and the popularity of videos are increasing among users or market, marketing content is no longer a matter of writing a blog or interesting reviews from customers.

Voice search will change a lot for better content strategy aims to feature footage can learn also how to display a snippet of information about business in search engines by using the features of Google Rich Snippets or interactive tutorials which can be searched with speech through google voice on your keyboard users when they search for your search in the browser. So, the content will be more interactive and integrate with other UI features.

13. Voice Search (Voice Search)

Google says that 22% of the search from a mobile device is the voice search, and that number only increased over specific user habits of a gadget. They are accustomed to debrief Alexa, Series and the voice of other virtual assistants to find out about what to buy in.

Marketers need to prepare themselves for this new trend by creating content that is able to capture this sort of search types. This has to do with Featured Snippets from Google, find out more by reading the Google SERP Snippet Guide article that already many tutorials on this feature and try to integrate them into your business service to facilitate user find information related to your business.

14. The Predictive Algorithm Interface

Wide open for application programming algorithms of machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence (AI). This allows businesses to predict its marketing expenses by better in optimizing the overall budget.

this is great progress, considering previous marketers often impressed using the normal way a question of methodology and their advertising strategy. with the artificial intelligence target advertising marketing is becoming more relevant to consumers.

15. Digital Integration with real world

I feel that by 2018, the world digital will no longer stand as a separate field or separate with our everyday real world. We will see it becoming more integrated into the real-life experiences and the two will become the inseparable unity in everyday life for anyone.

I am already starting to see it in sporting events such as the match ball, where going online experience that had already started before the ball goes on and continues as long as the event took place.

Most sexed male, active do tweet or status update on the social media before watching a match. So, we thought, maybe you can do something against the tendency which started there is related to your business.

Summary And Conclusions

Through this article, you’ve got a complete info problem the latest trends in the world of digital marketing. In essence, the trends are changing following the technological developments and related to the needs of the market.

Digital marketing trends in the year 2018 are becoming important to note to keep your business moving, especially in the field of e-commerce can anticipate changes or the development of what is to come so that the chances of success of your business will be getting bigger.

After learning some of the trends that I pass on the above, you also need to review how the proper digital marketing strategy for You in recent years and just about anything that needs to be fixed.

Good luck with your digital marketing strategy and developing marketing for businesses and services, good luck!!!