International Market and Examples

Understanding International Market and Examples

International market or global marketing and examples Understanding the global marketplace is an open world-scale market for all businessmen international marketing strategies . Global markets experienced rapid development in recent times due to several factors, including:

The existence of some industrial countries are able to produce quality products with low prices, such as China, Taiwan and some countries that are capable of producing goods and services with modern innovations and the relatively cheap price

The more people who travel between countries that directly into consumers of global marketing.


Growing number of transport between countries that facilitate the distribution of products


World trade has increased along with the increased demand on the world market of goods needs.

If you already understand the sense of the global market, surely we can conclude that in global markets is enormous business opportunities and challenges. When a person or company decided to participate in the global market, then this opens up the opportunity for him to develop his business and took more profits. Some of these opportunities include:

1. the company can open factories in other countries that cheaper wages relative laborers


2. The company may open a branch office and factory branches in several places around the world to facilitate the distribution of its products and in order to reduce production costs


3. The company may acquire target consumers more by introducing its products in other countries that are potential

However, the equivalent opportunity being offered in the global market, there is also a wide range of issues and constraints that must be ready to face the entire market. A great businessman will certainly be able to find creative and innovative solutions to resolve the problems it faces. Here are some of the kinds of obstacles that challenge the business to the global market

Understanding International Market and examples what the heck?

What is the global marketing?

What is the main purpose of the global marketing?

What is global marketing? What are the benefits of global marketing?

What is an example of global marketing in the company?

Understanding International Market Experts

Understanding International Market and Examples

International Market and Examples

The sense of global marketing are :

International Market is a process to focus the various resources (such as human resources) capital money or physical assets and the various goals of an organization of other companies to respond to the threat of global market competition as well as gaining the opportunity in the global market. (global marketing sense according to Philip Kotler & Kevin Lane Keller the year 2008)

Understanding global marketing is marketing that an area of the world where the market will always be open for all businessmen.

Global marketing and understanding for example – with the development of increasingly sophisticated technologies and fast, the market marketing not only reach out to specific areas or national in scale, but also reach out to the global scope, the term is known the term “Global Marketing”.

Global marketing is one of the media marketing with largest market share because its network covers up to the entire world. Things that drive the company’s global marketing system applying to developing products and services in various countries are:

1. Because of the level of the wants and needs of the market higher.

2. Increasing the growth of the world economy.

3. The sophistication of the technology that is more advanced and fast.

4. Line Marketing is getting updated so the more advanced.

5. the better the Products and quality.

6. The creation of global peace.

7. The opening of opportunities to develop manufacturing capacity globally.

What are the benefits of the company’s global marketing and global marketing what is the purpose?

The main purpose of the International Market is to :

1. increase the company’s profit potential.


2. increase growth/expansion.


3. Maintain the viability of the company from potential competitors threat from different corners of the world.

As for some of the benefits obtained by the company when applying global marketing system are as follows:

1. Cost-saving production.

In the world of marketing globally, companies can save on the cost of production, such as:

Unhampered transfer of production from one place to another, so that the expenses be cheaper. As the manufacturer Honda motor that produces and assembles its products in a country that has the largest sales markets such as southeast Asia

In the diversified production model, it could be merged into some models only globally so that will save you the cost of its production.

The level of product quality is getting better and higher.

In accordance with the needs of the market share, then the competitors will be more and more popping up in the global market. Thus, in order to be successful and is superior to the competitors then inevitably the quality of production should be improved so that it can create a number of devotees.

The preference for the consumer 

global Marketing

global Marketing examples

With the availability of a global service, global, and global recognition, then the preferences of consumers will increase anyway. Examples include the various brands and types of soft drink and fast food that is circulating in the market today.

The improvement of innovative marketing techniques in the face of competition with competitors.

The larger the market share, then the higher the level of competition in the world market. So, to maintain the effort respectively, as employers need better marketing techniques than ever before.

Examples of global marketing in a world already, such as the company Nestlé S.A. which was founded in 1866 and it launches in 1905 after making a breakthrough product for baby food

Nestle is the world’s largest manufacturer of food products, which always claim to achieve a record turnover every year.

Few brands of products, among others, Nescafé, Nesquik and KitKat, food products and beverages for babies.

Examples of international marketing company in his other big companies, among others:

Red Bull – one of its global marketing tactics is to be the host of the sponsoring various sporting events around the world such as the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix, Red Bull Air Race in the United Kingdom, the Red Bull Soapbox Race in Jordan etc.

Airbnb – its global marketing tactics is to make various kinds of campaigns on social media so that it becomes trending and online business systems which are already very famous.

KFC and Mc Donalds – one example of its global marketing tactics is to bring local flavors into their menus. E.g. a KFC and Mc Donalds are on sale in the Middle East have a taste different local specialties with the taste of KFC and Mc Donalds who are in America.

That’s a brief explanation of the notion of International Market or global marketing and examples. Hopefully the article information about global marketing and global marketing examples it can be beneficial to the readers of this blog. read also about how to get business loan for startup