Technique Marketing Mix

What Is Technique Marketing Mix

Learn how to use the marketing mix and What Is a Technique Marketing Mix? A full discussion about the latest Marketing Mix strategies that increase the value of reliable in sales for a new venture or startup, it is marketing in the business world is a very crucial role in helping a company to develop into more advanced and profitable.

The notion of Marketing Mix is a term widely used by business travelers. A discussion of the marketing mix is also very easy we find on the internet. Alternatively, there are also some of you who get this theory of learning courses.

This article was created for all purposes related to your marketing mix, either to provide an introduction or remind you again how the marketing mix is working as a business strategy.

Marketing mix along with the development of the times has changed a lot, as theories from other sciences are increasingly growing. Moreover, the science in the field of social economy and indeed is flexible, following the changing times or the times of challenge is going on around you.

For those of you who’ve got learning this theory before, you definitely remember the discussion of the marketing mix in the past i.e. the use of the technique of 4 p on his theory. Currently, the theory has developed, has used the technique on 7p’s practice marketing mix today. The 7p’s technique now is actually the development of a technique previously developed 4 p’s.

Very easy actually to memorize points from 4 p’s or 7p’s techniques, but that needs to be underlined is that technique will not mean anything without the application or implementation of the theory. Before turning to the application of, certainly, a thorough understanding of nonetheless marketing mix especially reserved what is engineering 4 p or 7p’s is indispensable.

Through our articles here, you will get a full explanation that is clear so that you can understand what is marketing mix and are ready to implement them later.

Marketing Mix 7p example

Marketing Mix 7p example

The Definition Of The Marketing Mix

According to Kotler and Armstrong, Marketing Mix is the set of variables – variables marketing, used by companies to pursue the desired sales target.

So, from the opinion of Kotler and Armstrong, we can deduce that the marketing mix is a funded marketing strategy are integrated or marketing strategy has done simultaneously. The strategies used to implement the elements of the strategy that exists in the marketing mix itself.

The Benefits Of Marketing Mix Strategy

This strategy can be tremendous unity beneficial to your business when you can run your entire marketing mix techniques without exception and also have a great level of continuity of its implementation. Continuity means the overall strategies of the marketing mix is constantly implemented, evaluation results, fix it again in the future, when there is a deficiency in the application of the previous, constantly improved to reach the target marketing as you want.

Any company, whether operating in a large scale company or operating in small-scale must have the same target, namely the profit of the business. The same is also true in terms of the type of production, both companies that rent services as well as companies that sell products. But it is not only oriented to income a benefit, of course, the company also wanted to give satisfaction to the consumer or customer.

Up to now, almost all types of companies compete satisfactory user experience delivers customer/clients. They often do the development of products and services through innovation – innovation based on the needs of the user. In addition, they continue to be on the lookout for business strategy what is most telling to pass along to their business.

There are indeed a great many types of business strategy, both in relation to customer engagement sort of customer service, and marketing strategies for the sake of increasing sales. Marketing mix itself belongs to the marketing strategy.

The business strategy this one becomes important to do you or your company because of the marketing mix is actually a staple consumer consideration in making a decision whether to buy or rent of a product or service that you have to offer.

If a company is not sensitive to the question of what is really needed by consumers, then it can be ascertained that the company was going to lose a lot of opportunities in the capture consumers. As a result, the product or service is as good as any most innovative or unwilling would be wasted when offered.

That’s why you must have insight into marketing as marketing mix that we are discussed. Marketing yourself means the process of the preparation of integrated communication which aims to give information about the goods or services in relation to satisfying human needs and desires.

Marketing begins with the fulfillment of human needs that then grow into human desire

Marketing strongly influenced the success or the success of an enterprise, especially to be able to survive in the intense competition with its competitors. So, a marketing strategy done to make a successful marketing made people want or “felt the need” the products and services you have to offer.

If the marketing strategy that the company implemented being able to market your products and services well aka successfully, this will have an effect on the sustainability of the company itself. It can be said that marketing is actually a spearhead of a company.

You’re own certainly heard or saw many companies are vying for best workers who are looking for qualified candidates to be placed in their marketing department.

The technique called Marketing Mix 4 p – 7p

Now you will be entering into a discussion of the term 4P (Product, Price, Promotion, and Place). If you have studied the marketing mix since college, or find out about the marketing mix of the various marketing seminar that you already follow, then certainly you are already very familiar with the term 4 p. We will try to expose it again for looking back again.


1. Product or Service

Products here can be anything (neither of which takes the form of a physical kind of food and books as well as the nature of the digital form of the application and so on). This product also includes service fee as well as services that can be offered by your company. Its core product is any deals you do to a client or customer, that in accordance with the wishes or needs of the customers themselves.

In theory, the product is any form that is offered to the market for a used or consumed so it could meet the needs and wants of the market. The market desires can be physical, service organizations, people, and ideas.

The product is a result of the production activity of your company that will be sold by your company, too. Or the product could be in the form of goods bought by your company and then sold it back to the consumer or customer.

The resulting product or service shall have the quality and uniqueness of which is capable of increasing the competitiveness of the products or services on the market. You can find out more concrete ways in our previous article the question of how to find the uniqueness of the effort to win the competition.


2. The Price

The price mentioned is an amount of money to be paid by the user or your client to get the products that you offer. In other words, someone is going to buy our stuff if the sacrifice was issued (i.e. money and time) in accordance with the benefits that he wanted to get from the production of goods or services offered by your company.

So your focus is related to this point is how you can make your customers or your potential buyer candidates feel their spend according to what he can, or in the United Kingdom the term commonly used is “worth it”.

If the prospective buyer the potential you have had the thought that he was spending that will be issued in proportion to what he got, they would soon come to your store or visit the product page on Your website (for those of you who engaged in the business of e-commerce or online shop). They will soon be ordering any products or services that you offer to them.

There are some basic questions you can try first before you answer with how the price of the products and services you will offer. Here are some of the questions:

What is the cost of production that you should be paced to make products or carry out the services you offer?


Roughly how the value of your products that are valued by Your customer later?


Are you thinking that a slight reduction in the selling price you can increase the amount of market desire?

What is the price of a product that You can keep it within reach as competitors in your business? (Do not let Your competitors can sell similar products at a price that is much different that is far cheaper than you, the product or service you offer no doubt later will not sell)


3. Distribution Channels (Place)

The right distribution channels also determine whether a successful marketing strategy. Therefore, the distribution channels the crucial position within the marketing mix. As for the definition of this distribution channel itself is a variety of activities or any effort undertaken by the company to make products or services available or easily obtained in the hands of consumers as well as its customers.

Because the purpose of the distribution is to provide goods and services that are needed and desired by consumers at the right time and place, then ease of access or the availability of the product on the right outlet must also be noticed by every company.

There are some basic questions you need to answer before you develop an executable your distribution. Here are the questions:

Where the client or potential buyer you normally get or find the product they want? (For e-commerce or online business, it could be the more specific question in social media where the target market you are looking for a product range)

What about the ways that you can do to access various existing distribution channel and you want to use?

What is the difference or Your distribution channel strategy advantages when compared with competitors in your business?


4. Promotion

The promotion in question was an attempt at persuasion (inducement or encouragement) to invite the consumer or prospective consumer to purchase (or use) the products and services produced by a single company.

There are several elements that can be related to optimizing your company’s promotion. Here are some of the elements:

Salesperson (Salesperson this is people who do offer the products and services offered by your company to your target market or people)

Public Relation (Public Relation is the people who are responsible for maintaining the good name of your company, as well as perform branding for your company so that your brand is known by many people in a positive)

Advertising (Advertising means any sort of promotion that is published through various media channels. You can specify the media channels what exactly fits the character of the product and the market needs are its television, radio, newspapers or billboards)

Then about the pattern of consumer habits, consumption patterns are usually influenced by the rational or emotional side of them as human beings. This could mean the emotional attachment to a product that is the emergence of a feeling of proud of suggestion or assessment existing influence on the surrounding environment. Whereas the rational side can be any consideration of related pricing, access or also the ease of getting a service or product you are offering to them.

Next, you will enter a further explanation of the 4 p IE 7P. What are the points that are included in its preliminary engineering? Continue reading below.



Human resource factors largely determine whether or not a company forward. We cannot deny it that this factor plays an important role in making a progress or even the decline of a company. This is why various companies seeking candidates vying for the best workers, they are even willing to pay more to hire party independent job seekers skilled in finding candidates for the company’s workers.

In addition, the increasingly rigorous competition also demanded each enterprise treats employees or employees as a valuable corporate asset. The working culture is fascinating and tends the relaxed usually made more value that proud of a company to make the workers loyal and maximal work.

The following is the treatment applied by the company that owns the good work culture. You may also want to implement it in your company so that Your workers are more loyal and up to working for the company:

The company provides the means and team leaders who are able to improve or develop the workability of employees, not only spur employees to meet a target

Companies do justice to any employee without exception

The company performs its obligations and respect the rights of employees

The company gives employees the appreciation has worked well

The results will be obtained by each company by making their employees as valuable assets are getting a good performance as well as loyalty without limits from its employees. This will make the company a sturdy (strong teamwork) and get a good image in society. Other than that, good work culture can also be so attractive to potential other potential workers.

6. Process

The process in question is the order of execution or related events which then together change the input into the output. In this implementation of the manufacturers, companies may be executed by humans or machines using a variety of resources. What to note from the process is patience, consistency, and continuity You manage or grow your business. In addition, there is one essential element in the development of your business that is not less important, namely the creation of a clear SOUP for the system working in your company and you need to communicate it well with the rest of your employees so that they can carry out the whole SOP him properly without constraints.

7. Packaging

The next element in the marketing mix is the packaging. Try to review critically all the visual aspects of your company. Remember, people, form their first impression about you in the first 30 seconds of looking at you or by looking at some of the elements of your company.

Small improvements in packaging or external appearance of the products and services You can often lead to a completely different reaction from your customers. The reaction could be decisive.

With respect to the packaging of your company, your product or service, you have to think of all the things seen customers since the first contact that may occur with your company until all the way and purchase process.

Packaging refers to how your product or service appear from outside. The packaging also refers to the people in your company and how they dress and behave when interacting with outside parties. It can also refer to your Office, Your waiting room, your brochures, your correspondence and any visual elements of your company.

Everything is important. All of them can determine the success of Your marketing. All these things can affect the level of trust to your customers to your brand.


After you have studied the marketing mix that we describe thoroughly above, you certainly can already conclude that the marketing mix is the thing that must be mastered to pass along to your business. This mandatory marketing strategy has done thoroughly. The theory of marketing mix with the technique of “7P” above needs to be implemented by any company as an effort to meet the target of sales of products or services on offer.

Moreover, for those of you who work for a new company or new business kind of business startup. When you are just starting your business, you are of course obliged to figure out a marketing strategy that’s been used a lot since the first of these, the level of its success can say 99% if done consistently and accurately.

With the advent of many new startup-startup, thus the application of marketing mix is very relevant when adopted in marketing your product or service, just like many of the previous startup that has now become a large-scale company. Check out our other interesting articles also question how to build teamwork for startup and how to find and build a successful startup.